4 oz. Tube of OptiMSM Lotion for Sale


MSM Face, Neck & Body Lotion (Skin Repair Lotion) is designed for extremely dry skin. It is non-oily and non-fragrance. The MSM in the formulation of this product works with the collagen, which is the connective tissue in our skin. The MSM allows the collagen to be able to absorb moisture so as to plump up tissue, therefore, fine lines and small wrinkles fade away!

Experience the unique therapeutic benefits of this exquisitely nourishing lotion with a pH of 6.0 …..

Dry Skin Therapy
Rich in natural emollients and skin softening oils, it soothes and nourishes even the driest skin, providing dry skin relief all day long. Apply daily to skin for soothing and long-lasting moisture.

Massage Therapy
Exceptional glide without stickiness makes this the ideal lotion for massage. Washes easily out of fabrics. Truly unscented, it is the perfect base for blending with essential oils.

Beneficial Moisture
Contains jojoba oils which creates a long lasting protective moisture barrier for the skin.